This is Danielle, an introverted leo and the original Quiet Lion

Danielle is well known as the local dressmaker in Bundanoon and the surrounding villages of the southern highlands NSW.

Spending her days in the studio handcrafting garments for individuals, designing made to measure gowns and shirts and dresses, always working to a clients brief.

Sustaining herself and her creativity with the knowledge that the artisan skill of being able to design, make and fit a handcrafted garment was becoming a thing of the past. A priceless skill to have these days and a soul filling career to be cultivating. 

After making countless garments for other people, Danielle wanted to make clothes that worked for her, and for the busy women around her.

Fashion that works for living a normal (beautiful) life.

Clothing that is easy to wear, and travels from school drop off, to work and special occasions.

Garments that are classic, timeless pieces, that are beautifully made and longwearing; the exact opposite of disposable fashion.

(Did we mention pockets?)

Danielle once trained as a costumes and set designer at VCA. After a career building dinosaurs and dragons (true story!) and freelance costume designing for theatre and TV, she moved with her young family to the southern highlands of NSW. Danielle brings her excellent construction skills to The Quiet Lion studio, and uses the studio as her creative outlet in amongst family life.

Oh! And Danielle’s favourite books are: In the Skin of a Lion, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and The Lion in the Meadow. Anyone noticing a theme?

At the Quiet Lion, garments are the result of considered designing, ethical purchasing and beautiful crafts(wo)manship. This is small, slow fashion at its finest.